October 4, 2023, Denver, Colorado – Bye Aerospace, the global innovator in cutting-edge sustainable electric aviation, is revolutionizing the aviation training landscape with a groundbreaking announcement. The company has garnered overwhelming interest from the aviation training sector through the signing of four LOIs signed by prominent aviation training companies securing 340 innovative eFlyer aircraft, signifying a monumental leap forward in the adoption of sustainable and cost-effective training solutions.

Bye Aerospace’s eFlyer aircraft, designed to be both environmentally friendly and economically viable, has captured the attention of industry leaders. This unparalleled recognition underscores the unmatched value proposition offered by Bye Aerospace’s innovative approach to aviation training. The eFlyer aircraft, boasting state-of-the-art electric technology and revolutionary design, ensures a transformative learning experience for aspiring pilots.

Tom Calgaard, Senior Vice President of Bye Aerospace, commented, “We are thrilled to witness such a remarkable level of interest from key players in the aviation training sector. This overwhelming response reaffirms the industry’s need for cost-effective, sustainable, efficient, and forward-thinking training solutions. Our eFlyer aircraft not only aligns with these requirements but also sets new benchmarks for excellence in electric aviation.”

The groundbreaking purposefully-designed electric eFlyer aircraft redefines the training experience with its all-electric propulsion system, significantly reducing operational costs and environmental impact. With up to 80% lower flight operating costs compared to conventional trainers, the eFlyer enables flight training organizations to deliver high-quality education without the burden of exorbitant fuel expenses. Its advanced, efficient aerodynamics, coupled with a robust yet lightweight composite structure, ensures superior performance, safety, and efficiency.

Rod Zastrow, President, stated, “The enthusiastic response from aviation training companies reaffirms our commitment to reshaping the aviation industry. Bye Aerospace is poised to make a significant impact on the future of aviation training.”

Bye Aerospace’s innovative eFlyer aircraft is paving the way for a greener, more efficient, and financially viable future in aviation training. The company remains dedicated to delivering groundbreaking solutions that empower the next generation of pilots and contribute to a sustainable aviation ecosystem.


About Bye Aerospace

Bye Aerospace, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, stands at the forefront of electric Aviation innovation. The eFlyer series of fixed-wing aircraft is meticulously designed to disrupt general aviation, beginning with the important Aviation Training sector, with an FAA-certified, zero-emission, highly cost-effective, low-drag, low-noise, intelligent, and safety-enhanced aircraft.

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