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eFlyer 2

Current as of April 1, 2021

  • eFlyer 2™ was the world’s first FAA 14 CFR Part 23-Type Amendment 64-Certified Applicant for a “Normal Category” Electric Aircraft, (FAA application filed April 13, 2018)
  • The eFlyer design is entirely new, from tip to tail
  • Aerodynamic efficiency is over twice that of a typical legacy aircraft of similar size
  • High overall propulsive system efficiency with high motor efficiency with low cooling drag


Component Supplier Description
Electric motor Safran ENGINeUS TM 100 (air cooled) 110 kW (150HP) max rating
Batteries To be announced High density lithium battery
Structures CUG Toray carbon composite system
Parachute Recovery System ASR Soteria whole-aircraft emergency recovery parachute system


Cabin Width 46 inches
Crew (instructor and pilot trainee) 450 lbs
Rate of Climb 1,200 fpm
Normal Speeds 55-135 knots
Range at 96 knots, 10,000 feet 220 nm with VFR reserves
Economy Cruise 96 KTAS, 10,000 feet
Flight Endurance (absolute) 3 hours (at 73 knots)
Stall Speed 48 knots
Maximum Altitude 14,000 feet
Current Base Price 2021 (Subject to change) $489,000 – eFlyer 2

$627,000 – eFlyer 4