Reservation for 30 Sun Flyer 2s is Bye Aerospace’s Largest to Date
Aspen Flying Club to Use Electric Trainers in Future Fleet

DENVER, Colorado – August 13, 2018 – Bye Aerospace, the developer of the “Sun Flyer” family of high-tech all-electric airplanes, announced a 30-aircraft order from a large Colorado-based training fleet partner, Aspen Flying Club.

Aspen Flying Club, located near Bye Aerospace’s facilities at Centennial Airport, (KAPA), south of Denver, Colorado, has reserved 30 Sun Flyer 2 airplanes to use as trainers in its future fleet of aircraft.

George Bye, CEO of Bye Aerospace, said the partnership with Aspen Flying Club is a key step in the process to integrate the benefits of electric aviation at Centennial Airport, currently the second-busiest general aviation airport in the country. “The FAA-certified Sun Flyer’s low emission and noise signatures, in addition to its lower operating costs compared to traditional flight trainers, will be a significant benefit,” he said.

Other recent purchase deposits and reservations for Bye Aerospace’s Sun Flyer 2 and the four-seat “Sun Flyer 4” have been received from international customers in Norway, Israel, Hong Kong, New Zealand, British Columbia and Germany.

The Sun Flyer family of aircraft aim to be the first FAA-certified, U.S.-sponsored, practical, all-electric airplanes to serve the flight training and general aviation markets. Aircraft features include enhanced speed and altitude performance with extremely low ops-costs, low aircraft unit cost, low noise and the effective elimination of CO2 exhaust pollutants. Electric energy, or “fuel,” cost for Sun Flyer is multiples-lower compared to the per-hour flight cost for conventional piston-engine leaded aviation gasoline.

About Bye Aerospace, Inc.
Bye Aerospace is developing the Sun Flyer family of aircraft in addition to a family of advanced, high-altitude, long-endurance solar-electric unmanned aerial vehicles called “StratoAirNet” and “Solesa.” The company was named the 2018 Small Business of the Year in the “small business” category by the Denver Business Journal. For more information, go to

About Aspen Flying Club
Aspen Flying Club unites a group of pilots and flight instructors with a large and diverse fleet of aircraft for flight training and recreational flying, all in a fun, friendly environment. Located at Centennial Airport (KAPA), south of Denver, Aspen Flying Club is part of the American Flight Schools family. For more information, go to