The world’s first-ever purpose-designed, FAA part 23 certified all-electric training aircraft.

eFlyer 2


Bye Aerospace stands at the forefront of electric Aviation innovation. The eFlyer series of fixed-wing aircraft is meticulously designed to disrupt general aviation, starting with the crucial Aviation Training sector, with an FAA-certified, zero-emission, highly cost-effective, low-drag, low-noise, intelligent, and safety-enhanced aircraft.

A Training Aircraft Like No Other…

All-Electric eFlyer 2

Slash your operating costs

  • No AVGAS costs, no oil costs, reduced maintenance cost
  • Save 80% in flight operating costs

Safe in Students’ Hands

  • Per 14 CFR Part 23, Amendment 64, designed to be highly spin resistant
  • Whole-plane parachute

Simple to Operate

  • No fuel, no fuel spills, no oil spills
  • Reduced maintenance, more availability, more flights

Straight-forward Path to Certification

  • First-ever applicant for 14 CFR Part 23, Amendment 64 (all-electric) FAA certification
  • Design, test and safety plans accepted by FAA; ready to build and fly!

Smart Operations

  • Purpose-designed to give you smart data for more efficient flight operations, maintenance scheduling, business forecasting

Transform your flight school.