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To create clean, quiet, all-new electric aircraft with breakthrough operating costs and successfully design, build, certify those advanced products to answer compelling market needs



The need: A compelling need for new professional pilots is growing according to Boeing, Airbus and others. In the near-term the coronavirus will impact the new pilot requirement, but new demand is rising. In the long-term, demand for new pilots is expected to return. An estimated 612,000 (Boeing forecast 2021) new pilots are needed over the next 20 years – a more than 4-fold increase over the roughly 165,000 pilots flying today. According to industry sources, 80% of new student pilots drop out of training. The #1 objection is cost.

 The answer: The clean, all-electric eFlyer trainer is ideal as it dramatically reduces the flight operations cost to only 1/5 that of the old, avgas-powered legacy fleet. This potentially improves the flight school economics while reducing student pilot costs. The new, high-tech eFlyer is intended to replace the nearly obsolete training fleet of 11,000 conventional aircraft that averages almost 50 years-old, (source FAA).

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