Meet Our Team

Our innovative, comprehensive suite of aviation industry leaders, reflects a diverse team deep in expertise and diverse in aviation design, engineering and manufacturing.

George E. Bye

Chairman & CTO

Entrepreneur, USAF Veteran pilot, engineer, and innovator inspiring sleek, cutting-edge concepts. George is a electric aerospace pioneer on a mission to create a lower-cost, clean, quiet future for the next generation of pilots.

Roderick C. Zastrow

CEO & President

Former USAF senior leader and international training and MRO support CEO. Rod brings deep training industry, MRO, US government and international business expertise.

James P. Dunn

CFO & Corporate Development

Extensive corporate transform, build, mergers, acquisitions, and fund raise expertise in addition to value added, customer-oriented service programs.

The Certification Team

Bye Aerospace’s management team, in addition to senior leaders above, brings extraordinary deep FAA certification experience. Combined, Bye’s Chief Engineer, FAA Liaison, and VP Production, have led or supported over 20 successful General Aviation FAA certification projects, many which are household names.